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To run the tool, we use the below syntax.

[+] Installation Install dependencies (git, python, php ssh) For Debian (Ubuntu, Kali-Linux, Parrot) sudo apt install git python3 php openssh-client -y; For Arch (Manjaro) sudo pacman -S git python3 php openssh.

May 23, 2023 · The. . To do this, we will leverage the Apache and ngrok web.


. If you have an older client, you can use the ProxyCommand option instead: ssh -o ProxyCommand="ssh -W myalias:22. Mobile app security testing based on industry standards from the OWASP community.

Ultimate phishing tool in python. OWASP Mobile AppSec Testing.

Can use any domain including but not limited to Ngrok, Freenom, GoDaddy etc.


. By integrating ngrok with GitHub, you can: Develop and test GitHub webhooks locally, eliminating the time in deploying your development code to a public.

. It features an easy to use, yet very flexible architecture allowing full control over both emails and server content.

Yahoo, PayPal, Spotify, Protonmail, GitHub, Protonmail, Twitch, Linkedin, etc.
API Security Testing.

Uses flask.

Some of the new strains of malware / phishing campaign using ngrok tunnelling are: Njrat; DarkComet; Quasar RAT; asynrat; Nanocore RAT; Recently,.

. By default Ngrok securely tunnels your communication using SSL/TLS. py.

com and press Enter In ngrok. Author: github. com. OWASP Mobile AppSec Testing. .

Has a menu that can be used to select the up-coming options (with color!).

. With certain social engineering tactics, we can now deliver this URL to our target.


On the “<username>” we will set the username we will use to login and “<pass>” is where we will insert the password we will be using.

Integrate your remote CI/CD tools with GitHub webhooks and secure access with GitHub Login without poking your firewall or changing.